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Explore a wider world

Meet the basically all-screen phone, Flash X2, which features the perfect 18:9 screen aspect ratio,
borderless bezels and 85% screen-to-body ratio, giving you an immersive experience without compromising performance.

A big screen in a small body

The immense and brilliant display is placed inside a truly compact body. With a screen-to-body ratio of 85%,
Flash X2 provides a wider field of view than traditional 6-inch phones.

Big Screen that displays more content

With the 18:9 aspect ratio, the phone fits more instagram posts on screen,
so you have more information gathered on your screen.

Immerse yourself in a bigger world

Switching from the traditional 16:9 screen to a much longer 18:9 screen,
let’s you not only watch more of your videos, but also really experience them.


Designed with full details

Through multiple processing, Flash X2 is fully smooth and sleek. Solid metal frame that resists scratches,
glossy body that catches the light alluring curves that wrap around the body…Flash X2 is as great as it looks.


Sleek & Sturdy Frame

Flash X2 is framed with solid zinc alloy. To deliver a more comfortable grip, the body blends seamlessly
into the frame that is carefully crafted with 3.7mm thickness.

Rounded Body

The soft curved lines run smoothly across the device and touch the metal frame, resulting in
an outstanding look. Once you hold your Flash X2, you will not want to leave it.


A well-built configuration for a longer battery life.

All parts of the phone are expertly put together, taking into account the battery life.
The stunning full display, the slim metal frame, the special IML finish, the removable battery and
more in a compact design, which improves the battery life.